Individual session

$40.00 per hour

With Addiction Counselor

DUI, Anger Management, Victim Empathy, Cog. Skills, 

Payment Policy
Payments of fees are due and payable at the time the service is rendered. If no payment is made no service will be provided. No credit will be allowed.  Special consideration will be given to vouchers from probation and the Individual’s referral source. All payments made online will be credited once money is received in company's Paypal account. Thank you for your payment! 


$20.00 per UA

This includes ETG and 7-panel drug screen with the SENTRY system and can be re-tested for same amount up to six months after it is received at the lab

Group session

$30.00 per session

Level II Therapy and Adjunctive groups for Level II Therapy

Intake fee for DUI 


This includes the required OBH assessment

Group session 

$25.00 per session

Adjunctive Anger Management, Adjunctive  Cog Skills, Level II Education, Adjunctive Relapse Prevention


$15.00 per book

Level II Education book, Level II Therapy book, IEC book

Individual session

$60.00 per hour

With Mental Health Therapist

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Bi-polar, etc.

Month paid in full discount

for Level II Therapy only


Intake fee for NON-DUI 


Minor in Possession Group


This includes book and two four- hour required sessions

Substance Abuse Evaluation


This includes the required UA, and Federal background check. This is a Two-hour assessment and comes with two copies of report

Mental Health or Domestic Violence Evaluation


This includes the screening tools, session time from 2-4 hours long and one copy of report