Sample Schedule
 Start and end with individual
 Month 1 - individual and group
 Month 2 - individual and group
 Month 3 - individual and group
 Month 4 – group only
 Month 5 – individual only

Mental Health and Behavioral Health Services

A Good Life Counseling
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Services We Provide

A good Life Counseling delivers education and treatment services to fit the needs of the community and the individual. These services are provided in a professional atmosphere with regard for the dignity and safety of our clientele. We at A Good Life Counseling endeavor to meet the individual where he/she is at. 
Phone: 719-632-8654 
BA/UA line 719-347-8247

Anger Management

A good Life Counseling provides individual or group for both court ordered or non-court ordered anger management :
A 12 week Cognitive Behavioral Approach designed for Substance Abuse and Mental Health individuals.
A good Life Counseling provides an anger assessment (STAXI) to determine the level of intervention needed.

Drug & Alcohol Evaluation COST- $200.00
Done over two weeks. The first week is the initial intake and UA. The second week is the two hour ASI which is a multi- dimensional assessment. Each evaluation includes a UA, background check, DSM V, and the 10 page ASI. Two copies are given in a report cover per evaluation.

A good Life Counseling provides Alcohol/Drug Evaluations to determine individuals use, abuse, or dependency which will establish the individuals need for and level of intervention and aid in developing the individuals treatment/service plan. These evaluations are accomplished in two (2) one (1) hour sessions a week apart. At the completion of the second session the client will receive a ten (10) page written evaluation report.

Victim Empathy

This program is designed for individuals who are offenders in crime such as theft, vandalism, or school assault resulting in suspension or expulsion. The goals of the Victim Empathy Program are to raise the offenders’ awareness of the long term impact of their actions against others and to increase accountability and responsibility for the crimes they have committed.

Mental Health services-
Counseling in this area includes "dual diagnosis" which is both substance abuse or dependence and mental health issues.  We work with adolescents (11-13), teens (14-18) and adults.  The modalities used in this area are CBT, DBT, REBT, Solution-focused and Mindfulness-based therapies. We provide Individual, couple/relationship, or family therapy.  We offer parenting classes, depression, family conflict, anxiety , self-esteem, grief, co-dependency, divorce (parents and children), couples, spirituality, conflict resolution and career counseling, dealing with a diagnoses (mental health or disease).
please call for more information

Relapse Prevention/Chemical Dependency or Substance Abuse Treatment-Process Therapy

A good Life Counseling offers non-DUI Substance Abuse/ Chemical Dependency treatment, a twelve week (12) program designed to help the client to look at him/her self and honestly assess their condition. Then provides education, guidance and therapeutic intervention to enable the individual to successfully enter into a substance (alcohol/drug) free lifestyle.

Additionally, A good Life Counseling provides an Enhanced Outpatient Program (EOP) which is twelve (12) weeks or ninety (90) calendar days minimum in duration utilizing CBT, DBT, Strategies for Self Improvement and Change (SSC) and the MATRIX model. Individual may have the option to go to group therapy for CBT, Life-skills or relapse prevention depending on an assessment or screening needs. This program meets a minimum of 3 (3) hours a week and no more than eight (8) hours a week, between three (3) and five (5) days a week depending on the client need or per court and probation requirements. This program also includes monitored sobriety. This Program precedes the Level II Education and Therapy program if it is court ordered. 

DUI Services

What is Level II education?

Level II Education consists of 24 hours of DUI education over 12 weeks. Typically conducted in a group setting, class size is limited (generally) to no more than 12 regularly attending. Level II Education can be recommended by itself or may be followed by Level II Therapy.

What is Level II Therapy?

Level II Therapy follows Level II Education and can range in length from 5 to 10 months depending on the track assigned. Track assignment depends on whether a person has prior impaired driving offenses, their BAC and other clinical indicators. These track recommendations are made by the alcohol evaluator (probation) or in the absence of an evaluation, the treatment agency.

The following are the track guidelines:

Track A, 42 hours over 21 weeks, first time offender with a BAC below .15  
Track B, 52 hours over 26 weeks, first time offender with a BAC of .15 or above 
Track C, 68 hours over 34 weeks, prior DWAI/DUI, with a BAC below .15
Track D, 86 hours over 43 weeks, prior DWAI/DUI, with a BAC of .15 or above

Minor in Possession (MIP)- Cost $100.00

A good Life Counseling presents the Minor In Possession course in an interactive journaling format provided by The Change Companies. MIP is presented in an eight (8) hour block generally on the first and last Saturday of each month. The eight hours are divided into four segments: 
1. Abuse or Addiction; 2. Faulty Beliefs; 3. My Family; 4. How We Change. Please call ahead to enroll

Prepare & Enrich Relationships Program

Prepare & Enrich is a course designed for pre-marital couples or for married couples.

This 8 week curriculum deals with communication skills, personality strengths and weaknesses, conflict resolution skills and stress management skills. Provides guidelines for putting passion back into the relationship, getting and staying connected and committed.

Cognitive Skills

A good Life Counseling provides individual or group for both court ordered or non-court ordered cognitive skills:
A 12-week Cognitive Behavioral Approach designed for Substance Abuse and Mental Health individuals who will work on errors in thinking and changing the way thoughts, attitudes and beliefs effect behavior in order to make better decisions that then lead to positive outcomes.

IEC or Interlock Enhancement Counseling
A Good Life Counseling is now offering Interlock Enhancement Counseling; a new, evidence based treatment for DUI offenders with interlock devices installed in their vehicles. 
Thirty minute individual sessions and two hour group sessions will be conducted once per month for an accumulation of 10 hours towards DUI Therapy Treatment Tracks B, C and D. The entire treatment is structured and requires a five month commitment to complete. Participants will be given a certificate after hours have been completed. 
Interlock Enhancement Counseling  provides:
 Clinical overview
 IEC combines cognitive behavioral treatment 
with motivational interviewing
Primary goals:
 to reduce the number of failed starts,
 Reduce driving non-interlocked vehicles
 Prevent DWI recidivism once the interlock is 
IEC protocol
10 Total Hours 
4 Individual, 30 Minute Sessions 
4 Group, 2 Hour Sessions 
 Open or Closed Groups
 Individual sessions Focus on the Interlock

Interlock Enhancement Counseling 
Session Topics - Individual and Group
1. Being Successful on the Interlock
2. Learning and Change
3. Managing High Risk Situations
4. Maintaining Success While Off the Interlock

Sobriety Monitoring

A good Life Counseling provides sobriety monitoring in the form of random breath testing for alcohol and random urine screening for alcohol and other drugs. 
Breathilizers $5.00
UA sent to Norchem lab 7-panel-$20.00
ETG sent to Norchem lab-alcohol and six-panel-$20.00
Spice UA- $60.00
We use Sentry