We opened our doors in October of 2011. Here are just a few of the comments and testimonials taken from satisfaction questionnaires, letters, and cards.

May 2016- The staff is very nice and genuine.

March 2016- Overall program was great from staff members to counselors. Very well educated on all matters, which made my process less stressful for me. Learned a lot from group decisions and lessons.

March 2016- That you can talk about your issues without no one judging you is the best part of the program.

April 2016- The people-they really are interested in you and want to give the support you need. The information presented was an eye opener on the current status of the system (laws and beyond the laws chapter).

January 2016- Everyone has a positive attitude and are very willing to help the clients. The communication and give and take with counselors and clients was very helpful. I can't think of any changes I would make to the program. (C.N.)

September 2015- What I liked is that they involved everyone in group. Did a lot of projects and practice of skills and also read a lot.

September 2014- I liked the kindness, caring and thorough discussions held. The people here are very respectful toward everyone. I actually liked the classes and learned a lot.

October 2014- I like that the therapists care so much. I don't want to let Angie down. The program is amazing. I can't think of anything I would change.

October 2014- I think that everyone is very sensitive to the different needs of every person in class. I love that everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. Whenever I had a question about any part of the DUI process I could talk to anyone here! 

March 2013- I liked the personal attention to everyone's needs and problems. This place was very helpful to my DUI arrest and the things going on in my personal life.

December 2013- The people are warm, welcoming and very supportive. Very professional. I liked everything.

December 2012- This  is  a well-rounded and very useful program. I have the genuine feeling that the staff is behind me and wants success for me. However, you guys need a paper towel holder.

October 2012- I liked the good quality service that was provided by the workers here. I learned how to use I-messages instead of You-messages and how to train my thoughts to control my  anger. I'm going to miss you all!

December 2011- You all make it fun and it wasn't boring. The location was far for me but worth it!

Endorsements For Leni Heckman-

“I got divorced two years ago.  We despised each other and at times get really angry with each other, but our kids had this really great therapist…Leni Heckman and she made us realize we would always be a family because we love our kids and even though we now have new people we love, the girls still love us and now have more people who love them.  The girls still speak like she told them.  It’s worked wonders.  I picked her because of her strategies and the girls knew she never told us anything unless she called us in with the girls.  They had lost trust in adults but she helped them gain that back.  As parents we just realized that we love them more than we disliked each other.  So my car broke and their daddy fixed it for me.  Being grownups REALLY REALLY works.”   ~ Jennifer L. 

“Leni is amazing!”  ~ MaryLee D.